Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt you are obsessed with your smartphone.

There is a term for that with the following definition:

Nomophobia  ( I call it simply cyber coma)is the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone or being unable to use your phone for some reason, such as the absence of a signal or running out of minutes or battery power. A phobia is by definition an irrational fear.

I also extracted some up-to-date information so, check out the following terrifying statistic:

56% of users check their smartphones before sleep – me included.

75% of users check their smartphones after sleep – me included.

40% of users check their devices on weekend – also me.

56% of parents check their devices while driving – me here as well.

40% check their phones in the toilet – me again.

61% of users sleep with phones turned on under a pillow or next to bed – finally not me.


My short story with the smartphone mania looks like this:


It is a beautiful sunny morning. It is time to get up and dive into the world full of variety and surprises but first…. Just a quick cell phone check…. 25 minutes late I am late and must hurry up.

It is afternoon, time for lunch break and cell phone browsing, just to check…. I already forgot what but still checking… and another 25/30 minutes are gone.

Back to work, oh look it is afternoon now ant it is time for coffee and yep social media again – another 20 minutes in total or more – I am too afraid to confess).

And it is time to go home. I am using public transportation so guess what I’m doing? Yep my cell 30 minutes in both ways.

At the end of the day I go to bed and…. Oh, no it is 11:00 pm another 30 minutes flew away it’s too late: – Good night!

Now let’s do the math for the whole day “accidentally” I’ve spent 120 minutes (roughly) in cyber coma. That means in the next 5 years I will spend 3650 hours (152 DAYS) just staring bluntly at my cell? This is insane!
Well, there’s good news: the tips below will guide you to reduce the urge of checking your cell phone so often. It is important that at the end of the day you got rid of some of the common habits.

Carefully read the advises below, and we’ll walk you through how to change some of your habits right now in this very blog post. When we’re done, you’ll know exactly how to take action that will help you leave the cell phone for a while and enjoy your free time properly. Ready? Let’s dive in.

7 Steps to get out of the cyber coma.

checking mobile phone at the desk

1.Switch off the mobile data and wi-fi of your device, so no notifications will disturb or temp you. It is distracting and stressful especially when you have loads of work and hear the beep just to find out that John commented on Mike’s comment, who wrote on Tina’s wall just now.

2.Check your email and other urgent stuff on your computer. Unless it is super-duper urgent.

3.If you are using public transportation when going to work, take the book you’re always about to read, but you say you don’t have enough time to even look at the content. Next proper time of opening the book is right before you go to sleep.

4.Wear a wrist watch so you don’t have to check the time on your phone display.

5.Go outside during lunch break, take a short walk to the park if there is any, or just smile to the passengers on the street and enjoy the sunlight and the world around you. Your eyes also need a break.

6.Don’t look for answers in the social media. Why? Because all the perfect images of beautiful skinny models, and guys with huge muscles are there to arise your WOW impression so you want to see and search for more. But let’s face it is just Advertising. The Wow effect leads to the following: more viewers → more followers → more likes → more money

7.It would be helpful if you have the courage to delete your favorite applications. This way, every time you reach for the phone you will remind yourself that there is nothing to check!

I suggest you check the stage of your addiction. There are numerous tests online just pick from the net.

Than you will be ready to apply some or all the tips mentioned above and start feeling the freedom, the freedom of enjoying life.

Please give your opinion and recommendations.
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Smiles & Hugs



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2 thoughts on “Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

  1. Vandana says:

    A good post and the tips you shared are actually helpful. I always make it a point to read a book instead of random surfing on a smart phone, while travelling.

    • Silvia Mar says:

      Thank you Vandana. I’m a bit sad when I see so many people walking and staring at their mobiles. Summer is going away and it would be nice for us to enjoy the sun, the flowers and the green grass, instead of waisting these precious moments on social media. Smiles&Hugs from me,😀

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