200 Followers And Many More To Come

Dear writers and readers around the world,

today I was pleasantly surprised to see that smiles and hugs has reached 200 followers.

A month and a half ago I was wondering if I should go public. Why? Because I was afraid of failure. English is my second language and I am trying my best to find the right words to express my soul. I was surprised to find out how supportive and humanitarian are the people in the blogging community.

Thank you so much for being so compassionate, faithful, loyal and affectionate. I am grateful  that I have the opportunity to reach out and send messages to people so far away. I’ve realized that no matter the distance, the language or the religion we are all somehow connected.

I will continue writing with the dream of inspiring all of you out there. I will continue to work harder in serving you. If you want to share your wisdom or write to me about any topic please do, I am here for you.

I am sending each one of you reading this words  hugs and smiles.

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Instagram : smilesandhugs_insta

Pintrest: smilesandhugs0196

Smiles and Hugs

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14 thoughts on “200 Followers And Many More To Come

  1. Rhyme In Time says:

    Congrats! This is a huge milestone. It takes work to get the equivalent of a large cafeteria full of people to sign up for your content updates. I am at 184 and chasing the same goal. 🙂

    • Silvia Mar says:

      You will get tjere soon. Just do what you love and the people looking for this kind of poetry will find you 🙂

  2. Elder Steve says:

    Congrats Sylvia! This gives me lots of hope. That’s really good for only a month and a half. I hope I can do the same. Your English is really good. I would have never guessed it was your second language. Please follow me to help me out if you want. Blessings!

    • Silvia Mar says:

      Thank you, I am so happy. My rules are simple: be honest; write about your passions; love and respect others. Using my creative mind, instead of competitive one inspires me. Every day I wake up and think about the things I’m greatful for. You write lovely articles and you are so experienced and honest. I’m sure you’ll attract people with the same mindset. Best of luck. Smiles and hugs.

  3. birgundemba says:

    Hello ! 😊 its nice to hear that you have been doing great and your blog is getting bigger . My mother is also a different language so İ felt that you and i are so same regarding that . I congrat you and do keep blogging 🙏 👍 best

    • Silvia Mar says:

      Yes we are 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. Good luck to your mom, I am sure she will have a success!

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