7 Basic Guides of Living on Purpose

Most people today are struggling with the concern that how they are living their lives is not really in sync with living their life’s purpose. But what are the basics of living on purpose? How will you be able to live a life that is aligned with your calling, authentic and put into action your purpose every single day?

Here are 7 basic guides of living on purpose

1.Be Committed

Show your commitment on working on this present path, made more interesting by the unconscious impulses and discover what it really takes to conquer reactivity. Learn to live intentionally and start expressing the real you.

2.Go for Clarity

Living on purpose requires you to be clear about your own personality. You need to know what values you uphold and identify your passions, strengths and weaknesses, all of which should be aligned as you claim your life’s purpose together with the intention of serving greater good and meeting humanity’s needs.

3.Take a Step Forward

Commit yourself to your brand new path of living on purpose today and step forward as you create a plan on how to you further develop yourself to become better tomorrow.

4.Look for Advice

To find a new direction, you need to search for proper guidance and gain support for new learning for it is only through this that you will get to discover the authenticity of your life.

5.Provide Service

The highest form of life fulfillment stems from serving those around you, driven by your desire to express your purpose after you have finally known your inner self.


You have to be aware that “what is” is not necessarily the genuine expression of your creative, powerful and true self. You have to begin acknowledging the difference of being mindful of how you live in today, the present moment, and how you constantly project your personal desires in the future which have chances of not turning out real.

7. Be Grateful

At the end of the day, living your life’s purpose boils down on saying thank you and being thankful for being alive, with all the chances of experiencing energy, breath and all of the basic goodness of life.

Smiles and Hugs

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