Always In a Rush But For What?

I dream of a better, fulfilling life. We all do. But How can we achieve it? Only dreaming is not enough.

I ask myself a lot of questions like: How am I going to succeed? Am I intentional enough? One thing I know for sure – it won’t happen on accident!

Let’s break down hourly one day and see how do I spend it.

I am usually trying to sleep around 8 hours a day. Working hours last 9 hours ( normally 8 hours work + 1 hour lunch break). Let’s add another 2 hours for travelling to work, breaks, commuting or in between time.

So, that makes 8 hours for some rest (we need our beauty sleep) and another 11 for travel/work.

I still have 5 hours left so, I rush back home to spend another 2 hours with family, friends, dog, cat, hamster, parrot, supermarket, cause I’ve run out of eggs ( social time you know)…

In total that makes:

8 hours – sleep

11 hours – work/transport

2 hours – family/social time

I still have 3 hours left

How am I spending it?

Watching Netflix, scrolling to social media, lying on the couch, eating junk food, drinking beer/wine. All these things are very good for stress relief but I have a feeling that I am loosing precious time. Instead of expressing my creativity and give something to the world I am drowning it in wine and laziness. I somehow keep myself away from the other stuff, like learning new things, taking a course, studying, writing, anything that will help me become better in my passion and skills.

Are you the same? Rushing home to do nothing?

Do you feel it is time for a change?

What you spend your time on, says a lot about yourself.

How much time do you spend on self development?

Smiles and Hugs

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2 thoughts on “Always In a Rush But For What?

  1. nickelbee says:

    Can relate sooo much to this at the moment! Time is flyyying by no that I’ve started working full time and when I get home I just go on Youtube binges (which aren’t always bad), but can’t help but feel I could be connecting with myself and others more. I would recommend a 31 day yoga revolution with Adrienne on Youtube actually! Really helped me stay centred 🙂

    • Silvia Mar says:

      Thank you Nicke I will check it out for sure. I love yoga and stretching. Thank you for the good advise.

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