Steps To Self-Discovery

Most of the time, many of us have the habit to see the wrong in others without having a close look on ourselves.

We subconsciously blame others and not ourselves. Taking a self-assessment is important in realizing and shaping us to becoming the best version of ourselves. We may also need someone who is very honest to help us in our self-assessment.

Usually the person who is able to help you is someone whom you can trust. It can be a family member or a best friend. Also, there are a number of self-assessment tests that you can take for self-discovery.

Self-assessment involves looking deep into you for an INSIGHT.

The first step to a definite self-assessment is to be HONEST about you. Take a good look in the mirror and take the time to study the person you see. How do you feel about her/him? Are your feelings positive or negative?

Describe the person you see in the mirror using up to a total of 20 adjectives. Consider using both positive and negative adjectives. This exercise is important because you are being honest with yourself. Dig deep and allow for self-discovery.

The next thing you can do is to outline your likes and dislikes. This is important to allow yourself to identify the roots of what you are happy and not happy about you.

Write down the activities you love doing.

  • What are the activities/ hobbies you enjoy during your free time?
  • What kind of people do you surround yourself with?
  • Which books do you enjoy reading/ movies do you enjoy watching?

Provide an explanation for all the answers that you give.

Explore the explanations.

The next step is to start writing a journal. For a whole week, write down all your emotions, actions and thoughts that you might have. All the feeling that you have experienced at work, school, lunch break, parent’s house. How often were you sad or happy? Write down all the thing you enjoy doing which are rewarding to you.

Answering simple questions will help you discover the real you.

Never ever feel guilty. If you notice you have a negative attitude toward yourself try to understand where is it coming from? But never judge or blame yourself cause it’s not your fault. Yes we all did some things we are not proud of but if you cannot accept your true self who will?

Be kind and patient to yourself and never give up no matter the obstacles.

After all, we have all come here to learn our lessons. To accept and to forgive ourselves is one of them.


Smiles and Hugs

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  1. rolandlegge says:

    Great wisdom my friend! You give simple straightforward directions. This is the same advice I give to my clients when I am helping them to discover their Enneagram type. I will repost this on my WordPress blog. Blessings Roland

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