Express Your Creativity No Matter What

Express your creativity. No matter you have always wanted to dance, run, draw, sing…  Just Do It. You CAN Do It. And if you are not satisfied with the result do it again and again.

Today I draw my first painting EVER. I have never done it before I just felt like it. I went to the store and bought the cheapest crayons and voilà….

drawing of a tree with crayons

The limitations that we have are only the creation of our own imagination.

“But I am not good at anything”– some will say. Well, guess what? – unless you don’t try you will never know…

If you FEEL like doing something just DO it. Don’t be afraid of expressing it, don’t be afraid of not being happy with the result… Because if you desire doing it, you will get better and better…

I know this first drawing is not the best I can do, I know that with practice I will become better and I am not afraid of criticism… Because I created it on my own. And I expressed the desire to do it.

What is your dream? What kind of creativity are you afraid of expressing?

I will support you whatever it is!

Smiles and Hugs
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8 thoughts on “Express Your Creativity No Matter What

  1. RSB says:

    For a first drawing, it’s really cute! I like it. I like this article, too. Thank you for writing it and sharing your drawing. 🙂

    • Silvia Mar says:

      Thank you Raya. I just visited your About page and I really liked the saying “I learn 24/7”. I am the same always open for knowledge. Keep writing your beautiful posts.😍

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