Get What you Really Want in Life

In reality, most people want all of the best things in life, but most of the times, they fail to do much for them to get started with their life’s actual journey. Truth is, many people are stuck behind their lives’ wheels, unmoving, and worse, there are some who just sit comfortably in the back seat as they let another person navigate their own lives.

I have spent hours and hours of dreaming about my perfect life. Like everybody else I always wanted to be financially free, to have the chance to support my family, travel the World and enjoy a joyful, inspiring life. One day I was talking to a friend of mine and we were sharing our colorful dreams together. Suddenly, we realized that we are not quite exact of what we want.

“What do you want exactly in life? Can you describe it with all the details?” – my friend asked. And truth is – I had no clue. I didn’t have a purpose, or a plan. Just a fairy, beautiful dreams.

We are the one who makes our own life, not anybody else, and for us to determine what it will look like in the future, we should start with today, because it is in the present that we would really be able to set what our life would be like 20 or even 50 years from now.

So, How Should We Get Started?

Instead of wandering about the things you want, figure it out!

Of course, we all have something in mind. When was the last time that you sat down while introspecting and searching for your soul to figure out the things that you want? Has it been awhile?

Soul searching is the best ticket for you to understand how and what you want your life to look like, so make sure that you set aside some of your time for it. When you finally understand what you actually want, this can bring you more happiness and make you feel more fulfilled, something that everyone will surely wish to have. The more detailed picture you have, the better. Write it down, envision it, even if it is something you think is not achievable or too big. The secret is to remove the barriers in your mind. Don’t ask yourself How you will have it, ask yourself What you would like to have.

Set Goals Outside the Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone

What’s the sense of taking a journey if you will not take risks and be bold in the steps that you take? Well, this does not necessarily mean that you need to do dangerous or irresponsible things. What it means is that you have to be more daring, more ambitious and unafraid. You must be fearless and brave in facing your goals, with the determination that you can achieve more out of your life. And to start this, you should set goals that are way beyond your comfort zone.

The secret is to believe that it can happen. If you wish for something and then say “Nonsense who am I kidding. This will never happen!”, you are blocking the energies, the positive vibration, which flows through you and the Universe. See, the things we couldn’t get in life is a result of not having enough Faith. But the truth lies is in the strong will. Remove the boundaries, be stronger, stop warring about the “How?”be brave and make a statement! Tell yourself I want this in life and I will have it, because I deserve it!

Muster Up Confidence That Will Drive You Into Action

Confidence is the primary ingredient that is bound to drive you into action. You will discover that when you have gained more confidence to help you reach your bold goals, you will also be able to set aside all your vulnerabilities and fears. With more conviction intact, you will soon discover more strategies that can fill in the gaps in your confidence, which kept you into being a passenger right inside the vehicle of your life.

My friends know me as a strong and confident person, but guess what? There are times, when I have to make a decision, which is quite unpleasant. Out of my comfort zone, in totally new environment I have to act brave. But I have my uncertainties and doubts. All the regular questions pop up in my mind – Will I be good enough? Will others like me? Will I fit in?

What I do? I sit down and think! What were my achievements through the years? Why do I have doubts when I have proven so many times that I can survive in every situation. After a while the limitation disappears and the confidence comes back. So, don’t feel guilty about not having enough confidence. Give yourself some time. Give time to your sub-consciousness to change its point of view.

Be in Charge and Do the Needed Work

Whether you like it or not, the work should be done by you and you alone. No one will do it for you so unless you take action, you will never be able to figure out what your life would be like. Get up and run your life towards the direction that you want it to take. Seize every chance and opportunity thrown your way and find and create the happiness of your life. After all, living on purpose means taking charge, getting out and being the own driver of your life, before anything else.

Smiles and Hugs

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