Inspirational Quotes

We need everyday inspiration.

We have to be persistent and read powerful thoughts every day in order to keep the fire in our hearts and souls burning. I have read so many motivational books regarding self help that I’ve lost count. After I am done with the book in a week or so, my inspiration is gone and I am back to my old life and my old habits. This page is designed for that. To inspire you little by little, everyday and keep your non-stop motivation  alive.

Realize the joy of being alive.

You are alive! You should be singing from the hilltops. Even in our worst moments, we can find some joy in this not-small fact, that we ARE alive. Your heart is pumping. You feel the wind gently touching your face, or the water when taking a shower. The warm sun stroking your skin. The loving hug of a family member or a friend. Even the tears running down your face. You can FEEL. How  awesome is that?


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Power of Thoughts

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