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How To Boost Your Self-Esteem – Simple Exercise

Most of the time we lack self-esteem simply because we don’t have a positive opinion about ourselves. Do you stand in front of the mirror and actually feel good and approve of what you see? ( I often do not!)
If we feel good about ourselves that means we develop confidence which boosts our self-esteem. They go hand in hand. You have the freedom to think anything you want. So why not create the habit to accept yourself for who you are with love and appreciation?

More about the exercise click here.

Smiles and Hugs

STOP WASTING YOUR TIME is about discovering your passion, taking risks and realizing your dreams.

Extremely motivating and inspiring, this video will make you to think about your time left. Successful people share their knowledge and wisdom and give the best advises to change your life. If you want to end laziness or stop procrastinating, this is the video to watch.

Speakers: Casey Neistat Gary Vaynerchuck Eric Thomas Tony Robbins Mel Robbins Ashton Kutcher Pitbull

“Value other people all you have to focus on your life is find a way to add more value than anybody else does and you’ll never have to worry about anything.

Be the person that does more for others and life will just be any one thing you want out of it.

I think life is substantiated by whatever impact or whatever contribution you can make while you’re alive.

The finish line is the same for everyone we’re all ending up in the same place but while we’re here what contribution can you make?”


All you see in your world is the outcome of your idea about it

“There is nothing you cannot be there’s nothing you cannot do oh there’s nothing you cannot have.

You’re the most magnificent almost remarkable the most splendid being goddess ever created who could reject. Such wondrous magnificence but you do not know who you are then you think you are a great deal. Less I tell you this you are you’re a home rule maker you set the guidelines and you decide how well you have done how well you are doing but you are the one which decided who and what you really are and who you want to be. You are the only one who can assess how well you do it.

All you see in your world is the outcome of your idea about it. Do you want your life to truly take off. Life will take off for you then when you choose for it to make a choice. Like you just decide you have not so chosen as yet you have procrastinated prolonged protracted protested.

Now it’s time that you promulgated and produced what you’ve been promised. What is gonna be who you’re gonna be how you’re gonna do it – Just decide!” 

~from the Audiobook Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch.

Never Give Up

“When you’re not pursuing your goal you are literally committing spiritual suicide. When you have some goal out here that you’re stretching for and reaching for, that takes you out of your comfort zone, you’ll find out some talents and abilities you have that you didn’t know you have”

By: Eric Thomas

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