How to Achieve Our Goals Easy

A sad truth is that the path to reaching our goals is nothing but smooth and shiny. At the beginning we are very positive and enthusiastic. We plan and make a wish list that normally includes achievable goals. For example: “I will lose a few pound in the next four weeks. I will save money for the new car I want to buy. I will go to a trip to Hawaii next December. I will stop smoking as of 1st January….”and the list continues. But once we reach the very first obstacle, we realize that the path towards our destination is not exactly straight and clear.

What we do? Most of the time we fail. But if we manage to overcome the obstacles it will help us conquer them more easily than expected.

Here are some tips to achieve your goals easy

Don’t be encouraged because you failed a few times in the past

Once you have set a plan which you are sure will work, sticking to it can be all too easy. Yet the moment doubt starts creeping in, you will get a change in behavior and ironically enough, this very change is what will wreck the whole plan.

Although doubt can sometimes has its good side as it will make you think twice prior to continuing the thing that you do, you need to remember that the right place and time for doubts is during planning stages only.

Once you are in the middle of taking action, doubts no longer have their place. Choose one path and make sure that you follow through it until you reached success.

No Excuses

The most common excuses that people have when they fail to do something that they should be doing include lack of energy, lack of time, and of course, lack of money.

Sources like these are finite and once they have not been allocated properly, expect to run out of them. When you make goals, you must determine the one that has more chances of becoming your excuse and search for a means for it not to hinder your way. Create a schedule and do the things that are more important first.

Be Persistent When Unexpected Incidence Appears

Let’s say you are half way of achieving your goal. Everything is going on plan, you follow your routine and you are proud of the results, but suddenly some unexpected incidence takes place. And you get distracted.

Ask yourself what is your priority? Is it worth it to stop right there in the middle of your success after all the hard work? Yes it is hard when more distractions come across the very well panned schedule but do you think it’s worth abandoning your goal? How many chances will you lose if you stop persisting? Did you ever wish to go back and continued on instead? Make sure that you weigh things properly in order for you not to feel any regrets in the end.

Creating Permanent Habits is The Key

To reach and stick to your goals, your habits play a crucial role.

For a very long time I believed that creating positive habits was the most difficult thing in my life. Every time I tried, after a week or two I failed and I gave up. I was reading all this books about ” How to reverse your bad habits and stick to good ones., ” How to make time for new habits“, “How to Fit New Habits into Your Life ( by James Clear) and so on. One day I was reading an article and I came across this:

“Your audacious life goals are fabulous. We’re proud of you for having them. But it’s

possible that those goals are designed to distract you from the thing that’s really

frightening you—the shift in daily habits that would mean a re–invention of how you

see yourself.” 

—Seth Godin

…  and  it just hit me. All the bad habits I had were a result of hundreds of small repeated decisions that I have taken. Habits are born out of our thoughts. If every day I wake up and have sad thought about the day, I will make sad decisions which will lead to bad choices and bad habits. It is that simple.

After a switch in my emotions I started feeling happy because I started seeing myself in the way I wanted. I transformed the bad habits into good ones.

Start from the very beginning: first, change your emotions before changing your behavior. Rekindle your original motivation which pushed you to setting that particular goal then proceed to reestablishing your habit.

Smiles and Hugs

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4 thoughts on “How to Achieve Our Goals Easy

  1. sigmund22 says:

    I really enjoyed this read. I think currently my biggest challenge is to avoid making excuses, so now just like you suggested, I list it all out and try to find ways to overcome it. It’s helped a lot and I feel like I’m on the right path towards my goal. Thanks for the tips! Looking forward to reading more from you!

    • Silvia Mar says:

      Wow… These couple of days I was feeling a bit depressed and I was angry because I couldn’t write anything. Now I’ve read your comment and you made my day! You inspired me just in time. Thank you so much.

      • myownkindofbeautiful says:

        I am glad my comment has made you feel better:) Don’t feel discouraged when you run out of things to write about, it happens to me too, but I stay encouraged and sooner than I know, I get a writing idea.

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