How To Be Healthy and Look Younger

We all live in an extremely busy world. Getting up early in the morning, heading to the gym, preparing breakfast. Again in a hurry to drive to work struggling with the crazy traffic, or in a hurry to catch the last train, transport, whatever…. At work thousands of tasks and projects and the dead line is – Today! Sometimes there is no time for lunch break. Going back home (hungry), take the dog out, or the kids from school, prepare the dinner, oops rushing to the supermarket for eggs, milk, etc. We all experience such kind of a busy and stressful days. But let me tell you a secret. Being busy has some positive effects on our bodies and mind.

First of all let me give you some tips, which helps me when I am stressed out.

Focus on one thing. – All we can do is one thing. We wish we could do a hundred right now. But we can only do one. So pick one, clear everything else away, and just focus completely on that one thing. This is the best you can do. So do your best at it.

Realize the urge to be in control. The feeling of being overwhelmed is so strong because we don’t feel in control. When we can do one thing at a time and have a manageable amount on our plate, we feel in control. This is simply an illusion. We are never really in control. Just see it, acknowledge it.

Relax and be in the moment. Tell yourself to relax into this present moment. Just let yourself relax and accept what’s going on, relax and be here with this moment instead of fighting against it, relax and see that there’s beauty and joy to appreciate in this moment, even in the midst of chaos and stress. There’s so much in this one moment that we don’t need to focus on everything else, instead relax into the warm embrace of the goodness of this moment.

Secondly, I will tell you my short story and how I dealt with all this.

Believe me  I have struggled for quite some time. I was working a full time job and studding for my Bachelor and after that for my Masters degree. I was giving different shifts like crazy, studding during the long nights in order to take an exam the next day and “fly”( I wish I could at the time) back to work. And I was always complaining, complaining and feeling sorry for me. I was mad and angry! Why my friends were leaving such an easy lives? Why I was the victim and everything had to be the hard way? On top of everything every cent I managed to save was going back to my college fund. I didn’t have the time or the money to go out to a night club and have some fun like normal students do.

Did you know that by being busy you improve your health and you look younger?

Only now I realize that being so active and engaged in so many activities kept my brilliant mind focused. We all have brilliant minds we just need to push them a bit. I was like a machine, my adrenaline was on the go, and I was constantly improving my results both at work and at the university. I was proud of myself because I was stronger than ever. There were tough obstacles but I could overcome every one of them. My brain was happy when I was reading for the next exam, because I understood the material and I made all my projects without a mistake. That of course lead to higher GPA and suddenly I received my scholarship. And guess what I didn’t got sick at all. I was healthy all the time, because I didn’t have the TIME to get sick.

I truly believe that If you’re busy doing a number of different activities, such as studying or learning a new language or a skill, building a business, doing some kind of research, or even meeting with new friends, you are pushing yourself to the limits. You figure out that you poses a brilliant mind, skills and potential at its maximum level. You are more focused, organized and effective. You are more confident and proud of yourself, because you see that you have accomplished results you thought were far unachievable in the past.

Don’t make my mistake and complain all the time how busy you are. And don’t thing for the past, the past is gone you are losing your time. Think of the new day as a fresh start. How blessed are we? Enjoy the results and your self-improvement. Be thankful that you are stronger and healthy. If you enjoy doing something productive and meaningful you are like a child exploring the world. Happy and enthusiastic people look younger. Instead of complaining all the time keep yourself busy with things and enjoy them, it will bring you a sense of fulfillment. It will definitely lead to a positive results and financial prosperity.

Smiles and Hugs

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