How to Get in the Right Mindset and be Positive

Have you reached the point where getting out of bed is enormously tough and heavy, you need those 5 more minutes under the warm, cozy sheets? During the day somehow the time comes when you have to speak with your family, but you have no desire to call them because let’s say it, it’s unsatisfying and boring. You go out and meet new friends but still you ask yourself : “What’s the point?”.

You just want to go home and be alone. But somewhere inside your heart and soul, you know that there is a way your life could be transformed. You realize that if you know how, your life will change.

Of course you know your values and what you stand for. You are working very hard even though it seems that you are stuck. But you are sure about your believes and you feel confident. And deep down inside you sense that this is only a small aspect of the whole picture.

And the time comes to search for the real meaning of life. This is your actual goal. Why am I believing and doing this? What is the purpose the cause and the contribution? And one day it becomes clear to you that the ultimate goal is to wake up every morning and you know you are on the right path. You don’t care what others say because you feel that you are on the right path, and you figured out what is the missing piece of the puzzle. That missing piece is the purpose of serving others, not taking from them.

Once you have become of service of others, everything comes together and you realize that was the missing piece of the whole picture. You finally find yourself and you understand what leaving on purpose is really all about. If you want to be happy, help others be happy, if you want others to love you, love them first, and only then you will be abundant. This is the Law of the Universe.

You need the right mindset in order to live your life on purpose. The question is – How on Earth to get the right mindset? And the answer is….

Just be positive….

If you will be asked to listen to all your thoughts, are you going to say that majority of them are negative or positive?

The answer is – negative. Why? Because it is much easier. Think about it. When you go out let’s say driving to the supermarket. Everything annoys you and makes you angry. The rude drivers, the bumpy road, the weather, the passenger crossing at red light. It is so difficult to look on the bright side.

But after you observe your thoughts and realize you are negative once again – switch them.

However, in reality, thinking positively is not that difficult. You can have all the negative messages filtered out by simply focusing on all the positive things in your life. The first step you need to take to have positive thoughts replace the negative ones is making the decision, something that is easier once you are constantly reminded of the benefits that this will inflict into your life.

Find the joy in the surroundings for example – the nice car in front of you, or the perfectly trimmed bushes on the sidewalks, or the sweet couple crossing the road…

I know it is easier to be negative because we’ve done it most of our lives. Simply because every single day, we are getting a lot of negative messages, both externally and internally, such as those news on the media. Once you catch your thoughts and make the effort to change them to positive, you will see the enormous change. You will meet smiley faces along the way, the helpful staff in the shop or even the exact goods you were looking for. It is just a  vibration match. Similar thoughts attract similar circumstances.

The truth is, the most destructive source of all the negativism in your life is yourself.

The real problem starts once your mind accepts these negatives as the truth. You focus on your problems and spend a lot of hours each day predicting the bad news for yourselves, and this will then generate worry, confusion, and fear.

When you have a positive mindset, not only you but the whole world can become so much better. Positive thoughts serve as s solid shield that will protect your dreams and yourself from all negative things around you. In addition, positive thinking also makes you feel better, both physically and mentally.

Here are some tips to help you think positive thoughts.

Be confident

Just remind yourself of your positive aspects. You definitely know your strengths very well. Ask yourself the question what are your successful achievements. Replacing negative opinion with positive believes will help you grow and boost your self-esteem. You will truly believe that you are capable of making the change.

Handle problems

When you take control over the negative thoughts you will realize how you actually feel towards life. You will start having positive expectations about each day and you life as a whole.

You will come up with healthier decisions by looking at the whole picture. Be passionate about the goals that you have in life. Let them serve as your encouragement of persevering over the obstacles. The determination to meet a goal, small or big it might be, can strengthen your self-esteem and confidence.

Strengthen your awareness of yourself

Getting in the right mindset might not be easy but when you surround yourself only with positive thoughts, even the most negative things that life throws your way will never knock you down.

Take time in reflecting things and be always on the lookout for brand new chances. Learn the lessons that you need to learn and take a step forward with more confidence.

With positive thoughts and mindset, you will be able to give more value to your life. It will help you create your rightful path as you build lasting skills which can last way much longer compared to a simple smile.

Just begin right now focus on your mood and thoughts. What is the first thing coming to your mind? Is it negative or positive?

Smiles and Hugs



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2 thoughts on “How to Get in the Right Mindset and be Positive

  1. sigmund22 says:

    All good points! Being negative always held me back from doing what I wanted to do, whether it was blogging or drawing. Changing my mindset and being more positive has definitely set me in the right direction, but I still have my moments. These tips will definitely help during those moments. Thanks!

    • Silvia Mar says:

      Yes we all have our moments. But still we have the freedom to choose. I am happy you liked the post and I hope it will be a reminder to swith to positive thinking every time you realize you are feeling down. Smiles and hugs 🙂

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