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How To Meet Your Inner Guide – Effective Technique

First of all, you have to remember that everyone, and that includes you, deserve unconditionally love, miracles and creation, simply because you are among God’s perfect creations.

There is a tremendous knowledge and wisdom within all of us. Some say that it is available to us through our intuition or sixth sense, which are the leading paths to the Universal Intelligence. Nonetheless for us it’s very difficult to find a way and connect with our higher wisdom. The best way to do this is by meeting “face-to-face ” with our own inner guide.

The inner guide is known by a lot of names, for example the spiritual self, mentor, soul mate, master, spiritual teacher etc. Literally this inner guide represents the wiser part of our soul. It can come to you in different shapes and forms, usually as a dear friend you trust, who can guide you and give you the support and love you need.

Good news is that there is a very easy exercise that can help you meet your inner guide.

Recently I have read the book  “Creative Visualization” by  Shakti Gawain which for me is one of the great works regarding everything about what is visualization and how it works. The author gives a lot of exercises and examples about affirmations, meditation and visualization. So, I wanted to share with you the exercise that helped me meet my own inner guide. Hope it will help you find out the wisdom within, and the support and help which is your birth right.


Close your eyes and relax deeply. Go to your inner sanctuary and spend a few minutes there, relaxing, getting oriented. Now imagine that within your sanctuary you are standing on a path that stretches off into the distance. You start to walk up the path, and so you do, you see in the distance a form coming toward you, radiating a clear, bright light.

As this form approaches, you begin to see whether the form is a man or a woman – or perhaps an animal. If it’s a person, how old are they? And how are they dressed? The closer the form gets, the more details you can see of the face and the appearance.

Greet this being and ask what his or her name is. Take whatever name comes to you first, and don’t worry about it.

Now show your guide around your sanctuary and explore it together. Your guide may point out some things that you’ve never seen there before, or you may enjoy just being in each other’s presence.

Ask your guide if there is anything he/she would like to say to you, or any advise she or he would like to give you at the moment. If you wish, you can ask some specific questions. You may get immediate answers but, if not, don’t be discouraged – the answers will come to you in some form later.

When the experience of being together feels complete for now, thank your guide and express your appreciation, and ask him or her to come to meet you in your sanctuary again.

Open your eyes and return to the outside world.”

Decide for your now, this moment, and start to create what you really want for your life. There is no need for you to ask for the permission or approval of anyone around you to do it.

Be patient and learn to love yourself as you take your journey towards discovering your true power. Stay attuned to everything around you and when you do just that, things will start unfolding all by themselves.

Smiles and Hugs

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