Positive Vs. Negative Thoughts

Do you know that there is more to positive thinking than just what you can see on the surface?

Based on research, it has been discovered that positive thinking is way beyond than simply being happy or showing the upbeat attitude.

With positive thoughts, you will be able to give more value to your life, helping you create your rightful path as you build skills which can last way much longer compared to a simple smile.

Negative Thoughts

 Say you are walking alone in the woods and all of a sudden, a tiger shows up from nowhere right in front of you. Right at that moment, one negative emotion registers in your brain – fear.

It has long been discovered by researchers that your brain is being programmed by your negative emotions to make a particular action. For instance, when the tiger takes one step towards you, you just run. You forget about the world, because your thoughts are focused on that tiger alone, the fear it ignites in you, and how you will be able to escape from it.

Simply put, negative emotions can focus your thoughts, narrowing your mind at the same time. You always have the choice to look for a high tree that you can climb or you can look for a stick to serve as your weapon but these options are all irrelevant because all you can think about is that a tiger is right there in front of you.

While such a scenario no longer happens in today’s society, your brain still responds to negative emotions in this very way – with the whole world shut off and you see only a limited number of options around you.

Well, it can be safe to say that a negative mindset is the wrecking ball of your brain. As you create your path and try to shape your destiny, your negative thoughts will impede you from discovering more about the world around you and when this happens, you will not be able to see all of the choices that you’ve got.

Positive Thoughts

 A positive mindset does not simply stop once good feelings start subsiding. In reality, the most important benefit that you can get from having a positive mindset is the enhanced ability of building skills and developing resources which you can use later on in your life.

Your positive emotions will open up your mind and widen your sense of possibilities and this will then allow you to create new resources and skills which can give value to other aspects of your life.

In creating your own path, positive and negative mindsets do exactly the opposite. If you want your life to become better and you want a path that leads you to where you would want to be, all it takes is to have a positive mindset to get you there.

The things that I do when I feel that I have to switch my negative thoughts with positive is firs, I try to find something inspiring to read. Then I smile, I meditate or exercise. If I am at work I remind myself that nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes some time.

What is your way of switching from negative to positive mindset? What makes you think positive? Where is your inspiration coming from?

Please share.

Smiles and Hugs

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