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How To Boost Your Self-Esteem – Simple Exercise

Most of the time we lack self-esteem simply because we don’t have a positive opinion about ourselves. Do you stand in front of the mirror and actually feel good and approve of what you see? ( I often do not!)

If we feel good about ourselves that means we develop confidence which boosts our self-esteem. They go hand in hand. You have the freedom to think anything you want. So why not create the habit to accept yourself for who you are with love and appreciation?

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All You See In Your World Is The Outcome of Your Idea About It

I’ve come across a video which was recently uploaded on Youtube.  I was wondering all day how to organize my thoughts and put them into words for an inspirational post. This video literally  showed up in front of me. I am eager to share it with you. It starts with ….

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Bring Back the Happiness

Sometimes we experience bad emotions and due to some tragedy or unhappy situation we feel lost and sad. It could be a hard say at work, where nothing is working properly, even your laptop is stuck. Or the deadline of a project is coming to an end and you are nowhere to the finish line. Sometimes you received a bad news or lost somebody you loved. Or you are lying sick and in pain in the dark alone. We all have experienced the financial crises where money are not enough and the credit payment is due… All of these sad and miserable situations makes you ask yourself why is it so hard? Why life sucks can’t thing be better?

Yes they can, but it won’t happen overnight. Still you have the power to change things, by first changing the way you think.

Happiness is possible, if you learn a few simple techniques:

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