Ask Yourself Part 2

Do you understand yourself? Understanding yourself assists you in making decisions in life. Often the choices we make without understanding ourselves can be wrong decisions that create further problems. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses helps us guide our paths to experiences that will provide us with the best possible outcomes of our choices.

Julia Child

If you keep a journal these 9 questions may help you in discovering yourself and to get in touch with your inner thoughts and feelings. These questions can help you make choices in your private life, working life and in relationships.

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Ask Yourself

Carl Jung

Even though we are all different in terms of gifts and talents, unfortunately not all of us are well aware of what our gifts are. It is also true that most of us know what our strengths are, but they do not know how to maximize them.

We also do not know how to use them both for our own benefit and for the benefits of others.  One of the main reasons why people do not maximize on their God given talents is the failure to discover them. Many young people have the problem of identifying who they really are and what they are in this planet.  

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