Transform Weaknesses Into Strengths

The things that have always stopped me  from achieving my goals were my struggles and concerns that I am not good enough. I have weaknesses and they are contributing to nothing but my failures.

Fortunately in the past few years, I’ve realized that all weaknesses could be transformed into strengths, as long as I have the right attitude.

For instance, I was always a failure in the long-term success, I only achieved good results in my short – term plans and I couldn’t keep anything going for long. Remarkably, I figured out a way  to make this work.

Since I was first grade, I’ve always struggled with concentration. Even if I’m doing something that I love I can’t keep my attention to it for more than an hour. And this is a weakness especially when you are working on a project with a dead line.

What I did? The moment I caught myself that my thoughts flew away I started doing the next possible task which was part of the project. That brought me back to the present and still working on the same job but on a different topic. At the end of the day, I was two times more effective than before. Not only I closed all the stages of the project on time, but I did it very fast because I was eager about what’s next? I managed to use my curiosity as a tool to be concentrated.

What do you think your weaknesses are? Are they keeping you from starting something new, from pursuing a dream?


Sometimes we have fears about our weaknesses without realizing it. Take a minute to think about what you’ve always wanted to do, or what you’re doing now. What do you perceive to be your weaknesses? What are your limitations, and what’s holding you back?

After having the list in your hands think how you can transform these into strengths. You can always find a way to use them to your advantage. You get the idea! Start right now.

Smiles & Hugs


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2 thoughts on “Transform Weaknesses Into Strengths

  1. Sigmund22 says:

    My current biggest weakness is balance. Balancing my job, relationships, drawing, and writing. There are days where I’m able to squeeze all of it into one, but then are days where I’m unable to do everything and then I feel like crap because it feels like I’m messing up or falling behind.

    It’s a struggle, but now I’m trying to adapt by taking advantage of my tools such as my online calendar and reminder tools. Going to set some weekly/daily goals to help make sure I have some sort of direction.

    Hopefully this works! and glad you found a way to help improve your concentration!

    • Silvia Mar says:

      It’s very smart that you have weekly/daily goals. Just give yourself time and begin with small steps. After all our weaknesses are making us one of a kind. So, be patient and appreciate your uniqueness.

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