What Living On Purpose Is Really All About

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The simple things, just like getting out your bed each morning, feel so heavy and life’s best joys, such as making new friends and spending time with your family, become unsatisfying. Things feel hard, heavy, to the point that they are unbearable.

BUT, before you crumble on your feet, you need to know that there is still a way for your life to transform, and that is by learning how to live on purpose.

Before anything else, you need first to know the various kinds of types. When you live a practical life of purpose, there is the so-called “macro” level and “micro” level.

For micro level purpose, this is when you know all your values and you start integrating with them. Once you know what it is really that you stand for then you do whatever it is you believe it, your sense of self-worth and confidence will also skyrocket, even though the situation might suck.

But it is only a small aspect of living on purpose.

As for the macro level, this is an entirely different thing.

This time, this is the larger picture.

This is when you search for your meaning. This is your one ultimate goal.

This is when you wake up every morning, knowing that you are on the path where you want to be, no matter what others might say.

To know how to live on purpose, you need to know the missing piece that will complete the puzzle. What is this piece? It is discovering that your ultimate purpose is to give, not to get.

Everyone ones better for themselves and for their lives, but purpose – such as happiness and success – is in truth, counter-intuitive.

You must never aim at success for the more that you do it and consider it your target, the more chances that you will actually miss it. Success such as happiness, is not something to be pursued. This must ensue. If you want money, help others make money! If you want others to love you, love others first!

And once you have done this, once you have become of service to others, this is when everything comes together, and you finally find yourself, when you finally know what living on purpose is really all about.

Smiles and Hugs

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7 thoughts on “What Living On Purpose Is Really All About

  1. agoodlittlegirl says:

    Coming from a childhood that lacked so much, when fortune found me, I turned into a shopaholic, gathering possessions to me as if my life depended on it. Then, I happened upon someone who truly needed my help. Since I felt empathy and sympathy for her, I began giving to her clothes, furniture, food, and my own hard labor.
    What a surprise to find how much I received from that which I had to offer, and in turn, this fine woman paid it forward to others she knew who were in dire straights.
    Now, two of us reveled in the joy of knowing we brought relief and smiles to our friends and families in need.

    • Silvia Mar says:

      One of the purposes we are living for is serving and helping others. You are definitely doing the right thing – helping others not because you are waiting for recognition, but because you have the desire and heart to do it. That is how good deeds are spread among souls in need. Thank you for sharing this inspiring cause. We should all learn from each other.

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